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What is Sermorelin


Sermorelin (a.k.a. Geref, GHRH (1-29)) is a synthetic analogue of human growth hormone releasing hormone (GHRH). It acts like endogenous HGRH to cause the release of growth hormone (GH) from the anterior pituitary. Recent studies suggest that sermorelin may provide many of the benefits of GH injections without as many side effects.pituitarygland


The Side Effects of Growth Hormone
Numerous animal studies have demonstrated that while GH can eliminate or reduce the symptoms associated with endogenous GH deficiency, they may produce undesirable effects as well. The problem arises from the fact that GH injections don’t mimic the normal GH release patterns. Under normal circumstances, GH release is tied to an individual’s normal sleep-wake cycle as well as to patterns of eating and exercise. Additionally, levels of the hormone tend to rise and fall in a smooth manner under normal circumstances. Animal studies have shown that injection of GH does not produce normal timing or the same gentle rise and fall in hormone levels. Furthermore, exogenous GH is not subject to normal feedback mechanisms.


The net results of the non-physiologic administration of GH are headaches, increased risk of diabetes, increased risk of cancer, and tachyphylaxis (reduced efficacy of GH over time). To avoid these side effects, administration of GH in a more physiologic manner is necessary. Unfortunately, physiologic administration of exogenous GH cannot not easily be achieved.


Sermorelin as an Alternative to GH


Sermorelin is a synthetic version of GHRH, the hormone responsible for controlling physiologic release of Growth Hormone. Unlike exogenous GH, exogenously administered sermorelin is regulated by many of the body’s natural feedback mechanisms. The result of this regulation is that sermorelin produces GH release that is very similar to what would occur in the body under normal physiologic circumstances.


Most important among the effects that sermorelin mimics is the preservation of episodic (intermittent) GH release. GH release secondary to sermorelin is governed by sleep-wake cycles, eating, and exercise. The preservation of normal GH physiology reduces risks of diabetes and cancer associated with exogenous GH administration. It also reduces the incidence of tachyphylaxis, which means that the response to sermorelin does not diminish over time as it does with direct GH injection[1].




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